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Upon graduating from Temple University in 2014, Bob dedicated himself to learning everything he could about senior fitness. He worked at various assisted living and medical fitness facilities, expanding his expertise. Through all of that time and experience, it became apparent that his many clients were looking for a more convenient fitness solution: in-home training! Thus, Spiritus Fitness was born. No more taking 2-3 hours a day to go to the gym, work out and drive back home. No more need to arrange for transportation. His clients were already encumbered with specialist appointments, spending a great deal of time taking care of doctors’ visits.  Now Spiritus Clients could work out in the safety, comfort, and familiarity of their own home with greater consistency and fewer barriers.  Spiritus trainers will do all of the driving for you, and after you are done with your workout, you can get on with your day! 

Bob Bagdon

Owner & Trainer

Since 2014, Bob has worked in assisted/independent living, and medical fitness facilities.  He is devoted to serving the 55+ population and continues to grow his knowledge and expertise in improving strength, mobility, and balance for his clients.  He is an excellent trainer to his clients, teaching them how to work out safely and effectively. The relationships he has formed with his long-term clients are the most rewarding part of fitness training.  

Over the years, Bob has worked with a wide array of clients, including cancer survivors, people with metabolic and cardiac illnesses, joint replacements, multiple sclerosis, strokes, paralysis etc.

Outside of his work in fitness, Bob lives with his wife Gabriela (a future physician) and their two beautiful children, and hopefully more, God-willing!  Bob loves basketball, Philly sports, and teaching Catechism and Pre-Cana classes at his parish. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Theology from the Augustine Institute.  Bob grew up in Holland, PA, attended Council Rock schools and went on to become Head Coach of Men’s swimming at CR South High School, coaching teams that qualified for the state meet while breaking many school records.



In Kinesiology from
Temple University


Certified Senior
Fitness Specialist


Years of Experience in Assisted Living/Medical Facilities

Dr. PHil Huffman


Dr. Huffman has over 20 years combined experience in outpatient, inpatient, and emergency medicine. He is board certified in Internal Medicine, graduated from Thomas Jefferson Medical University, and completed his residency at Lehigh Valley Hospital. He is the on-staff physician for Spiritus Fitness conducting the new client onboarding process. His medical expertise serves as guidance to Spiritus trainers in order to provide clients with safe and effective fitness training suitable for their various health situations. Dr. Huffman is a faithful Catholic husband, father, and physician. He and his wife have 7 children and live in Scranton, PA. He enjoys being a grandfather and spending time with friends and family!

Ethan Himes

Personal Trainer

Ethan is a Marine Corp veteran and we are very grateful for his service to our country.  Ethan is both a certified personal trainer and a senior fitness specialist through the ISSA.  He is currently pursuing a degree in exercise science through Lionel University. Ethan comes highly recommended by his senior clients.  You will enjoy working with him because he is highly personable and professional.  He will get to know you so that you will feel both safe and challenged by his fitness expertise.



Certified Senior
Fitness Specialist


In Exercise Science from
Lionel University


Certified Personal Trainer

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